Printing Ethos

The content and aesthetics of the publications drive the operations of publishers. At Gracchi Books, the arguments constructed, the theories and ideas proposed, the evidence used, the historiographical significances, the images and overall paratexts of our published works are all of paramount concern in everything that we do. In addition to the efforts to ensure sound content, we also think very intently and urgently about the material on which these ideas are published and disseminated. We believe it to be a socially tragic paradox that the potential of emancipatory thought is sublimated by the traditional publishing and distribution process, done without any consideration of the actual human, animal and environmental costs of those efforts. It is not uncommon, for example, for a book or journal to encourage novel social activity, while being printed on paper produced from trees felled in the Amazon, the production of which displaced hundreds or thousands of people, let alone the damage to local food growth and ecosystems.

Therefore, part of our mission at Gracchi Books is to become a fully environmentally sustainable imprint, using for our printed materials recycled and composted products, hemp and other [non-animal] organic fabric to produce our own paper, ink and other materials necessary for printing our books. We are working to ensure that every person involved in the entire chain of our production, from the growers of the plants and trees to the authors producing the content, to the persons delivering our products are privileged to fair labor practices. We fully endorse Fair Trade.

We are still emerging, developing our path, and exploring our real imprint impact on the world, so there is still quite a lot of work to do. We cannot change the entire world, even of publishing, or the Humanities, but we do hope to provide a company model and an intellectual platform for publishing socially fair and environmentally friendly scholarship that is also academically and intellectually rigorous, challenging and experimental in smart ways.