We welcome proposals for books, performance pieces and other forms of expression of non-fiction and historical fiction. We specialize in history and critical theory, including but not limited to related fields such as historiography and methodology, historical theory, anti-philosophy and anti-history, oral history, political theology, literary and manuscript studies, medieval studies, art and visual studies, music, dance and performance theory and praxis, legal studies, popular culture and the past, and other areas of erudition that lie within, outside or between academic, creative and wider / other paths of enquiry.

Prospective Authors: to submit a proposal, please send the following to us at

  • Personal Biography & Institutional Link(s)
  • 2,000-word outline of the proposed work
  • 250-word abstract for each chapter / section / act
  • 500-word description of how your piece fits within Gracchi Books
  • At least one sample of other published or performed material